Rathee and Associates

About us

All economic activity around the world is based on business, trade, investment and services
between entities, be it, countries, companies, institutions or people. For this to be accomplished,
there are agents, facilitators, advisers and consultants that oil wheels of any business transaction.
However, the results achieved are directly in proportion to the quality of assistance or support provided.
In this context, while there are myriads of go-betweens in-country or intra country, one that has risen to
the top is hard to come by. This is equally true in the case of the Canada-India business corridor which
connects the two Commonwealth partners, Canada and India, in the area of trade, investment and services.
While the volume of business between these two partners has had a slow trajectory, the times we are entering
calls for a new catalyst that brings forth a strong business sense and acumen, deep business connections, and a strong
track record of achievements in both jurisdictions. Hence,  a re-launch of, Rathee and Associates, after years of learning
since its earlier avatar of the years, 2000 to 2004, will set it apart from other consultancies in Canada. For you, our uniqueness
will open doors and vistas you may not have imagined or your interests served by any consultancy to date.

  • A strong business sense
  • ¬†Deep business connections
  • A well-built acumen.
  • A strong track record of achievements

Kam Rathee

(President and CEO)